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Home Automation

Jefferson City, Missouri

Home automation refers to the automatic and electronic control of household features, activity, and appliances. With Home Automation you can now control features in your home from your PC or mobile device. Smart Solutions, Inc. helps make your home a smart home by giving you control over:
  • Temperature Control
  • Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Alarms

Automated Temperature Control

Climate control provides comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

Our climate control features give you all the flexibility you need to ensure that your home is comfortable, while taking advantage of energy savings. Our system makes it easy to set and forget your seasonal preferences for climate. Ask your installer about adjusting temperature even if you are miles away! Great for controlling second homes.

Premium Control

For expanded capacity in larger homes, this solution supports up to four thermostats and up to eight keypads. A “plug and play” touch screen interface control functions via easy-to-recognize icons and you can use PC access for convenient systems management.

Premium Control Add-On Options
• Additional Thermostats
• Additional Keypad Display
• Lighting Control Switches

Ultimate Control

Use touch screen displays for easy programming or control your system using a secure computer network that allows you to program and change your home’s lighting, heating and cooling. Have access that allows sophisticated control while handling up to 176 security zones.

Ultimate Control Add-On Options
• Additional Thermostats
• Additional Keypad Display
• Lighting Control Switches

Automated Lighting


• Control lighting for security, energy savings, and ambience.
• Display the beauty of your home, indoors and out, with different light intensities and lighting moods.
• Set the mood for entertainment or quiet relaxation.
• Save on energy bills by automatically controlling lights and electrical devises based on your schedule or the occupancy of the home using our energy management system.
• Give your home a “lived in” look while away on vacation.
• Enjoy simple control of outdoor lights, landscape lighting and more.
• Deter burglars with exterior lighting.

Convenience/Safety Lighting

Coming home to a dark house will become a thing of the past. A centrally-located ALC Designer Scene Switch allows you to operate groups of lights throughout the home with a press of a single button. From the comfort and safety of your vehicle, you can turn on groups of lights by remote control as you arrive home or turn lights off as you pull out of the driveway.

Convenience/Safety Lighting Add-On Options
• Outdoor Lighting
• Holiday Lighting
• Add Designer Scene Switch
• Add-A-Switch
• Additional RF Remote
• Additional Lights
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