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Smart Solutions
  • Theater - Create an exciting movie theater experience in your own home.
  • Security - Protect your family and your home with our top-of- the-line products.  
  • Automation -  Control your home's lighting, temperature, security cameras and more from any location.
  • Video - Experience crystal-clear high definition pictures through our Premium Network Solutions.
  • Data - Explore the world wide web from the comfort of your home through LANs, WANs, Gigabyte Hardware Network, Fiber, and Wireless Solutions.
  • Voice - Communicate at the touch of a button by installing a broadcast intercom system throughout your home.
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EST. 2001
"We are a full service integration contractor that has been doing business in Jefferson City since 2001. We specialize in an array of custom home services such as Home Theater, Whole House Audio, High Definition and Satellite Distribution, Security Systems, Home Automation, Computer Networking, Intercoms, Cameras, and more. 
As integrators we take pride in designing and installing user friendly custom systems. Additionally, our systems have the capability of adding future technology and services for years to come. 
Our list of clients ran range from right here in Central Missouri to Arizona and North Carolina."

-Glenn Mertens, Owner and Operator of SMART SOLUTIONS, INC.
Here at Smart Solutions, Inc. we stand by our work.  Before we introduce new products to our clients, we preform research to make sure we are providing only the best for you. After we research, we test the products so that we know how they work and that they work. Once we install our products, we make sure they work before we leave. If something goes wrong, all of our installations come with a warranty

Your Home Solution is self contained, there is no third party server involved when it comes to maintaining or monitoring your product. You are in control of your home at the touch of your finger tips. 


**We service all of Missouri**
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