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Security Systems

Jefferson City, Missouri 

Feeling safe is a primary element to your happiness. Smart Solutions Inc. is dedicated to ensuring its customers feel as though they do not have to question their security in their own home. In order to do this, we offer several technologies that protect you and your family against emergency situations. We will not only provide you with equipment that best fits your needs, but will also schedule an appointment that works around your schedule. 

Burglary & Fire Detection

Your home should be a place where you and your family feel safe and comfortable. Our systems are designed to reduce the stress and worries of home management, so you can escape your busy lifestyle in a cozy and inviting home.

Sensors placed throughout your home provide multiple levels of protection, allowing for systematic detection and reporting of intrusion, fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. You’ll find that this system is expandable to meet your specific needs: support multiple user codes, maintain permanent codes for family members, make temporary codes available for guests and service persons, and more.

Be Informed With Voice

Voice guides you through your system, eliminating the guesswork. The system will advise you on statues such as:

• a door has opened
• a water leak has been detected
• the temperature of an area or freezer is too high
• you have a visitor 
• your child is home from school, etc...

If you are away from home, these messages can be delivered to you via voice, email, or text message.

Automated Alarms

Automatic Text Message Verifications

Eliminate false alarms with Automatic Text Message Verifications. False alarms waste the time of police, fire departments, and emergency services. In addition, home owners may be fined for false alarms in certain areas. Text Message verification helps reduce costly and embarrassing false alarms. Text Message Verification is automatically activated when an alarm occurs, which allows the monitoring station to speak with you to verify that there is an emergency.

*Using the telephone remote control feature, you can hear and talk to anyone in your home. This feature is great for checking in on elderly loved ones.

 Convenience of Voice

 Voice guides you through your system, eliminating the guesswork and advises statuses such as:

 • a door has opened
 • a water leak has been detected
 • the temperature of an area or freezer is too high
 • you have a visitor 
 • your child is home from school, etc...
 If you are away from home, these messages can be delivered to your office phone, cell phone, neighbor’s phone, etc.

Telephone Remote Control

Telephone Remote Control

Access and control your system from any telephone, anywhere. Helpful voice prompts guide you through your system.

• Arm/disarm security system
• Control lighting
• Adjust climate controls
• Turn devices on/off
• Activate tasks

Remote Management

Get total control of your system with easy to use, remote management software on your desktop and laptop computers. You can also control your system from your wireless device.  Easy to use screens make controlling your system effortless, whether you are at home or away! Remote Management software allows you to:

• View the event log
• Activate tasks
• Turn devices on and off
 • Arm/Disarm Security System
 • Control lighting
 • Adjust climate controls
 • Control outputs
 • Activate tasks
• Make changes to custom settings

Access Control

With Access Control you can make sure only approved personnel has access to your business, sensitive records or inventory. With Keyless Entry systems, you can handle employees' safety and keep your company profitable by monitoring traffic and preventing loss. 
  • Add or delete employees from your system with ease
  • Control employee restriction in specific areas
  • Restrict walk-in traffic and decrease security threats
  • Manage your system remotely from anywhere
  • Generate activity reports
  • Use your Access Control in multiple locations
 Access Control allows you to have video verification. Your picture is taken and sent to The Cloud. With the cloud, you are able to access your files from anywhere. 


Monitor your garage door, doors, kids’ rooms or keep an eye on them by the pool with two high-resolution indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras. Featuring sealed metal housings and low-light sensitivity, these weather-resistant cameras are great for viewing areas outside and around the home from the comfort and security of any TV in the house.

Two color cameras feature a digital signal processor (DSP) that allow for image control and clarity. The LCD Display mounts in a kitchen or hallway wall, which provides easy access to any camera view. All camera modules come with a built-in sequencer that allows rotation through multiple camera views on one LCD Display.

A high-performance IP video server provides network access to all four cameras included in this solution for viewing over the Internet from anywhere in the world. The IP Video Server requires only a standard web browser to run -- no additional software is needed. An infrared camera allows monitoring in extreme low-light areas.

Cameras provide security for your home through:
  • IP cameras
  • Plantinum IP cameras
  • HD- TVI cameras
  • HP- TV I
  • High Def. Mega Pixel
  • PTZ & LPR Cameras
  • NVR’s and DVR’s
  • Cloud Service
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