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Smart Solutions Inc. provides three service that will best suit your viewing needs for television with High Definition, Ultra Definition, and Matrix. All of these options will enhance your video connections that will guarantee high visual and audio satisfaction. Smart Solutions Inc. will coordinate with you to install these services.

High Definition TVs

Ultra High Definition TV


Image watching different channels or having the ability to change sources on every individual television in your home or place of business with ONE REMOTE; the Matrix allows this to be possible.
We install our product centered around a touch screen command center that a home or business owner can interact with to select what is being broadcasted on any TV. The Matrix allows you to broadcasts any available source such as HD satellites, karaoke, DirecTV and even gaming systems. 
Throw out your old RF modulation setup that requires you to change the channel on the TV just to select a DirecTV receiver. With Matrix you can select the DirecTV receiver you want with ONE REMOTE.
*Perfect for the busy household/sports bars/ hotel or night club etc..
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