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Your ability to successfully communicate is a key component to your daily life. We want to make it simpler for you in a variety of ways from installing intercoms in your home that facilitate ease of conversations, to setting up multiple phone lines that prevent missed calls, to implementing audio verifications that will improve your security measures in the midst of emergency situations.

Intercom Solutions

Video Intercom

With Video Intercom, you can now interact with someone at your door without going to your door. Video Intercoms come equipped with a built in microphone and camera that allows you and your visitor to communicate.

IP Intercom with Video

Our IP Intercoms with Video provide entry security and communication with visitors at your door. Once a visitor rings your doorbell, you immediately get a notification sent to your smart phone. The notification allows you to see and communicate with your visitor using your smart phone.


Free up your phones from talkative teens. Contact Smart Solutions, Inc. today to install additional phone lines in your home. We provide standard telephone wiring and installation.

Contact Smart Solutions, Inc. today to make communicating throughout your home easier.
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